An Organic NYC Soap For the Ultimate Fresh + Clean

It seems like there is organic soap at every street fair and flea market. And we have all a few bars of shiny soap shaped like shells or rubber ducks we’ve gotten as gifts, that are collecting dust on a shelf. Would this soap suffer the same fate?

Organic Soap

The Credentials

The first thing I noticed when I received my gift was the pretty paper and twine packaging that looked like it could go right into the compost bin after I unwrapped it. The second thing I noticed were the scents–they were lush and delicious, without being overpowering or sharp like typical scented soaps. I had activated charcoal + dead sea salt face soap (antibacterial and antiseptic for acneic skin), calendula + chamomile soap, peppermint soap,tea tree pumice hand soap and french green clay soap to try.

Caru is a brand new company founded this year in Queens with a focus on eco-friendly ingredients and materials. The packaging is indeed biodegrable when possible (the soap papers are imbedded with non-invasive wildflowers!) and recyclable when not. The soaps are handmade from sustainable and certified organic ingredients, gentle enough for dry and sensitive skin. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can dive into the ingredients section of the website, where everything is described in detail, including its source and purpose.

So: local, sustainable, organic and transparent. Sounds good!

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