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French native, Anaïs Bouchard’s sultry + comfortable sustainable lingerie collection is an unmistakeable favorite. NaiS [pronounced nice] is made entirely in NYC and honors the natural female figure with their attention to shape and detail. We recently spoke with founder, Anaïs, to learn more about the growing line.




In three words, how would you describe NaiS’ aesthetic?

Graphic, playful, unconventional.


NaiS is a beautiful lingerie company invested in Made in NYC and using best practices throughout your line. On a personal level, why has this become a major focus of NaiS?

I’ve worked for several Lingerie companies before starting NaiS that were doing their production oversee and I got sick of it. Not knowing in what conditions my designs were made, not having a connection with the team behind the machines. I felt that being a designer was more than just sending technical sheets. I needed to be more invested in the making process and be proud of the people I’m working with. And coming from France, where all our domestic resources in fashion are almost dead, I was fascinated to see the potential of manufacturing in the US.


What would you tell the 20 year old version of yourself?

Stop being so stubborn ! LISTEN TO PEOPLE !


What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever received?

Know how to take your designs from scratch to the final product. Being a good designer is about understanding how you’ll bring a sketch to life.


Who are some entrepreneurs or artists whose work you admire?

Christian Lacroix, that’s the best example of an amazing designer who was always commited to his creation even when everythingwas against him. Chantal Thomass who definitely changed the relationship between women and their Lingerie, great visionary. Klimt, Basquiat, Helmut Newton, street artist Swoon and soooo many others…


What is sustainability to you?

My main focus is to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a community of makers/artisans. I would choose regular cotton made in the US over an organic cotton from China, because I think it is not cohesive to label your product organic or sustainable if it traveled twice around the globe. So I prefer to not fit any category but have an ethic of work I feel good about. And know the makers, have a relationship with the suppliers. That’s important.


What is your personal motto?

Everything will be fine.




where to buy:


Shag, 108 Roebling St, Williamsburg 11211

Pamela Gonzales, 311 West Broadway, Soho, 10013

ModCloth , online

Photography by Nicolas Crovadore

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