This Is Not Painted on the Sole of an Expensive Shoe


You can’t buy self-acceptance in a store. It doesn’t come over the counter or with a prescription. Self-acceptance can’t be carried in a designer handbag, or painted on the sole of an expensive shoe. It’s not an easy sell, in fact, this isn’t a commodity at all.

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Apple Is Listening: New Mac Pro Assembled in USA

This shift in operations is part of Tim Cook’s $100 million Made In USA campaign, announced in October 2013. And while, some are not impressed by Apple’s new factory footprint, it is undoubtedly one small step within a larger paradigm shift.

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The Only ‘How To Be More Productive’ Tool You Will Ever Need

The Bullet Journal is an organized note-taking/to-do list hybrid ‘for those who feel there are few platforms as powerful as the blank paper page.’ Amen. From filing away snippets of data to doodles to sparks of inspiration,…

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