A Classy Act: Premeditating Your Outfit

Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.

Yves Saint Laurent

I am always looking for a simple stylish outfit to throw on no matter what the occasion.

ok. yes, duh-you are saying. It might sound like a 99 problems-esq situation, but I’m really into the idea of what I call premeditated outfits. Two or three looks you know work, and you can pull it together faster than an olympian mile. Less think, more go.

No amount of shopping sprees will do the trick. It takes a certain style consciousness, smarts and confidence which we all have the ability to do.

Say it with me now, BA-S-I-CS.

So get your head out of that fashion magazine and look into that closet of yours. You’d be surprised at the magic you can work. Represent you with what you’ve got.

And, We-e-e-ll, if you do find yourself in need for a sprinkle of inspiration, there is always pinterest.



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