Orange Harp: The Stories (and New Shopping Cart) of Ethical Fashion

Orange Harp, a San Francisco-based shopping app for ethical fashion and beauty is now available for free download at the app store. The app, built for more than just shopping, “it’s about attaching meaning to the…

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A Conversation with Swati Argade of Ethical Fashion Boutique Bhoomki

Swati Argade, owner of Bhoomki, an ethical fashion boutique in Park Slope, Brooklyn on her clothing line, the bliss of brick and mortar in a digital world and why ethical fashion just isn’t for everyone. Juliette…

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Interview with Jewelry Designer Blair Lauren Brown

Every girl loves her accessories; a customizing flare for any outfit and occasion. So when that desire for your own wearable art is coupled with mindful making practices, the result is utterly glamorous. Using responsibly mined raw gold +…

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How I’m Living: Cool Kid Rachel Kibbe of Helpsy

This article was originally published on Ecocult, a fun + upbeat NYC-based blog on conscious living. Rachel Kibbe is the owner of Helpsy, a sharp online boutique of handcrafted, recycled, upcycled, cruelty-free, local, vintage, handcrafted, eco-conscious clothing…

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