Inside the seams with Feral Childe

Unparalleled in delivering ‘smart, wearable silhouettes for forward-thinking women,’ Feral Childe is vraiment, la crème de la crème. The high-spirited duo, Moriah Carlson and Alice Wu, are artists, and fashion design is their medium. Drawing inspiration…

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Blazing a studded path: Natalie Frigo talks about her glamorously jewelry

Natalie Frigo, a local NYC jewelry designer, is putting the glamor back into gems through her mindful sourcing and production methods. The elegance of jewelry is everlasting, but often so is the exploitative practices of mining. …

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Alice & Whittles: Going back to basics

If you’ve ever indulged in basking under the Mediterranean summer sun, you’re surely familiar with espardrilles. The classic canvas shoe, famed for its comfort, durability, and effortless chic aire, has been sported by countless Europeans, including…

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MODAVANTI launches trusty eshop + they’ve got the badge to prove it

Modavanti is announcing the launch of an online retailer for sustainable fashion–an entire site for just ‘Looking good. Feeling good. Doing good.’ They’ve even developed a unique sustainability badge system to allow clients to quickly see…

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Your Nepali tailor is a Rockstar at Studio JUX

You spot a shirt and the minimalistic, yet playful design catches your eye. You note quality craftsmanship from seams to button holes. On closer inspection, you see it was made using sustainable fibers, maybe from combed…

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Support “Dirty White Gold” a film ‘doing something about it’

We recently got the opportunity to talk with the energetic and passionate Leah Borromeo, director of an incredible documentary-in-making, “The Cotton Film: Dirty White Gold.” The film aims “to make ethics and sustainability in the fashion industry…

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