The Weekly Want: Clare Vivier


More and more the idea is crystalizing: The heart of sustainability in the fashion industry is taking care of the things we already own. And the lion’s share of Fashion & Sustainability’s challenges snuggle themselves in our hands — the after care of a purchase. So in search of a laptop case to protect my unconditionally giving machine, we bring to you this week’s Weekly Want: the Clare Vivier’s zip case.

Made with all natural materials — suede and cotton — the simple and sleek design is timeless + durable. Fashionable without gaunt. As practical as it is a killer accessory.

Proudly made domestically in LA: “With a nod to socially conscious construction, each bag proudly bears the moniker, “Locally Made.” From conception to fabrication, her line has been made exclusively in Los Angeles since 2008.”

As with most of the best products we love, founder Clare Vivier fills a void in the market. She created her eponymous label as a response to the “lack of functional yet stylish laptop cases,” and fabricates the perfect product to fill into the missing market. The powerful combination of her chic French eye, mixed with the influence of laid-back Los Angeles, where she now calls home, positions the label as a fierce favorite. Clare Vivier has since expanded beyond just laptop cases to include minimal clutches and travel bags with sharp details and eye catching designs that never go out of the style.



The Clare Vivier line has become a favorite among celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba, and she has collaborated with lifestyle brands like Theory, Steve Alan and Apple.

A socially conscious + chic laptop case to protect one of our most valuable possessions// The Weekly Want


In Richmond? Meet Clare on April 4th with Need Supply!


images: Need Supply

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