The Weekly Want: Amour Vert Zea Dress



Simple and elegant for everyday, this Zea dress by Amour Vert has a fitted silhouette and scoop neck with a slight slip on the left side. You can wear it by itself, with a sweater, or tee over it; strappy sandals, flats or wedges — it embodies uncomplicated versatility.

Made in California of extremely soft, plant-based material — modal, that feels light and luxurious on the skin, with an added hint of spandex for stretch and durability, this dress is a perfect closet staple with values.

At Amour Vert we believe that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability. We put fashion first, but always employ a zero-waste design philosophy and use only organic and sustainable fabrics, along with low-impact dyes.

The best things in life are the simple ones, the no-problem, no-fuss — we’ve got enough to overcome on a daily basis. Let’s not complicate things.

Amour Vert’s Zea Dress

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