Inside the seams with Feral Childe


Unparalleled in delivering ‘smart, wearable silhouettes for forward-thinking women,’ Feral Childe is vraiment, la crème de la crème.

The high-spirited duo, Moriah Carlson and Alice Wu, are artists, and fashion design is their medium. Drawing inspiration from literature, film, and the everyday, their intelligent compositions embody the highest standard of fashion-forward sustainable clothing.

We recently caught up with the bi-coastal team–Moriah in Brooklyn and Alice in Oakland–to chat about their inspiration, new collection and universal words of advice.


Feral Childe’s beautiful founders Moriah Carlson and Alice Wu

The beautiful Coco Chanel found fashion in the skies, streets, and the way we live. Where do you find your inspiration for Feral Childe?

Film, social issues, children’s television, conversations with friends.

What was the biggest hurdle you had to jump as a new fashion designer?

Getting fabric suppliers and sewing contractors to want to work with you when you have no track record yet.



What is more important the product or the process?

It’s a symbiotic relationship – without proper attention to the process, the final product can have no integrity; to favor process over product would be self-indulgent and undignified.

Who are three designers that inspire you?

Rei Kawakubo, Madeline Gins, Consuelo Castiglioni.

What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?

We made some aprons out of pink faux fur.

process_seaworldprint-620x620 What is currently on your mood board?

Examples of textiles from the Victoria and Albert archives, Rineke Djikstra photographs, Science of Sleep postcard, horse stickers

Describe your aesthetic in three words.

Confident, forward-thinking, irreverent



What does fashion mean to you?

Curiosity about the world we live in and the opportunity to create different characters for every situation

What would you tell the 20 year old version of yourself?

Don’t worry

Who would you dream of collaborating with live or dead?

Agnes Varda


Shop Feral Childe’s SS13 Collection, “The Searcher”

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