The Weekly Want: Purearth Skin Care


There’s another thing I am crazy about right now — purely natural skin care with an equal punch of savvy graphic design packaging. The ultimate form and function? Absolutely. Sitting pretty on my vanity and freshly cleansing + moisturizing my skin, it’s a sweet tune of design harmony.

One of my favorite new skin care lines is an uber luxurious and, yup- you guessed it, completely pure line, called Purearth. They use ancient Ayurvedic recipes for their products, and the ingredient list reads as wild harvested herbs, seeds, roots, plants and flowers. All made by hand in small, carefully crafted batches by Himalayan women, Purearth also partners with micro-credit and women savings groups in the region to offer a once marginalized population the opportunity to engage with urban markets on fair terms, and spread their amazing traditional formulas around the world in an ethical fashion.

Smelling fantastically fresh with an undeniable silky posh feeling on the skin, it’s always a me-moment in the morning before a busy day or to wind down and refresh after it is all behind me. My favorites right now are the Wild Rose Himalayan Mist and the Bitter Apricot Body Oil, and they undoubtedly top this week’s Weekly Want.



“We use only use the purest organic, natural or wild harvested ingredients that grow in abundance in the Himalayas. Our rare oils are cold pressed in traditional wooden vats and our wildcrafted beeswax comes from indigenous bees. Our orange hued turmeric, renowned for centuries for its remarkable skin beautifying properties, is organically grown in the pristine Himalayan foothills.”


The Purearth Mission

  • In an holistic Ayurvedic approach to well being that harnesses ancient wisdom for modern day needs
  • In the power of wild harvested, natural and organic ingredients, in their purest form
  • In ethically conscious, fair trade, sustainably developed products made by people, not factories
  • In bio diversity and support bio dynamic and organic farming methods
  • A fair day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay, irrespective of gender, and is the first step towards empowerment and equality


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