Spring Fashion Fever: Everlane // Riudavets // Flowerhead


We we’ve been feeling the invigorating mojo of spring fever. And rather than just pick one, this Weekly Want is a roundup of a few fresh spring things we’ve been quite giddy over. Enjoy!

Copper Sandals | Riudavets

Walk with history. Originating on the island of Menorca off the coast Spain, for ultimate comfort while walking on the rough terrain and sandy beached of the island, these sandals are handmade with premium spanish leather and soles of recycled car tires! I was hesitant to add them to my wardrobe, but they’ve already proved to be a go to sandal — comfortable, chic and this pair goes with anything. If metallic isn’t your thing, the shoes come in a wide spectrum from tan to olive, black to red and more.

The Silk Short Sleeve | Everlane

100% silk and 100% summer. With a motto that rings of a youthful thirst for adventure, it’s hard not to love Everlane’s well made basics for men and women: “They say you should start a business that you wish already existed, so we quit our day jobs.” That my friends is Everlane’s CEO, Michael Preysman’s MO. Championing complete factory transparency (and prices too), it’s no wonder they are tearing a blazing path as one of the fastest growing fashion companies out there. Check ’em out, you won’t be disappointed.

Flowerhead Eau de Parfum | Byredo

Smell like a seductive garland of flowers. Need I go on? With tops of Angelica seeds, sicilian lemon, lignonberry; heart of wild jasmine sambaca, dewy tuberose, rose petals; and a base of fresh amber and suede — It’s the scent of love, adventure, lust, pleasure, pain, romance, sophistication + heartbreak, aka a full Life. Sorry Coco, it’s over.

Second Hand Jeans | Buffalo Exchange

Hallelujah. The second hand score is an unsurpassed treasure triumph, and these jeans were one of those catches a few months ago. It’s amazing what you can find with a little resourceful determination. But, if you are more of a sit back, online shopper, I’m-not-searching-through-racks-kinda-gal — have you scoped out Bib + Tuck? It’s an extremely curated online community of personal shoppable closets. You’ll never go back–you’ve been warned.

Jade Plant | House Plant

A happy home isn’t complete without a plethora of live greenery. Meet our Jude the Jade Plant.

Quartz Crystal | Good Vibes

Cleansing + purifying the surrounding energy we aren’t as certain about. But I do know, the clear stones always add a certain, je ne sais quoi to the feng of my shui.


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