Veja SPMA High Tops


With fall upon us, I’ve been loving the high booties or high-top sneakers, skinny jeans with a little pop of ankle, like this stylish one to our right.

Our favorite of the high-top sneakers, and this week’s Weekly Want is a pair of Veja SPMAs, to complete our look.

The company’s shoes are city cool (and city comfortable), but there’s more behind their great design.

Carrying out responsible practices is at the heart of Veja, and how they are choosing to source at all points in their supply chain.

All canvas and cotton shoes are made from organic cotton–They work with farmers using agroecology (aka, smarter farm practices integrating farming needs and ecologically balanced systems. So farming is done without the use of petro-chemical pesticides or fertilizers) to grow their organic cotton.


Leather shoes, the other staple style of Veja’s are eco-tanned–meaning it is vegetable tanned using plants like Acacia, and free from chromium throughout the process. (Although Veja has openly stated it is pretty hard to control and understand the lifecycle of leather, they are doing their best).

Lastly, the sole of all Veja shoes are sourced from Amazonian natural rubber.



Production practices are top priority too: All Veja’s shoes are made in the Vale dos Sinos region, in South Brazil. In a FLO-certified factory, so the facility is monitored by a third party to ensure fair labor practices such as worker’s right, hygienic work conditions etc., are enforced.

And internally, the company has policies in place to reduce carbon emission through transportation, shipping, organization and packing.

Perhaps one of the ultimate do goods and look goods in the sneaker world–Veja SPMAs are a sustainable keystone sneaker.


image: Wit & Delight + from the brand

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