Pendleton Fringe Scarf

pendleton_10_13_2013_ Warm, soft, cozy… domestically milled and manufactured, Pendleton Fringe Scarf is this week’s Weekly Want.

A family owned business since the start, Pendleton has “for more than 140 years, invested in the people and the technology needed to achieve the beautiful color and original patterns that are the hallmarks of our family enterprise.”

One of the last remaining textile mills in the United States, their vertically integrated manufacturing process–from raw wool to fabric, makes Pendleton truly unique.

Their wool is 100% pure virgin wool. And although not all of it is purchased in the US, most of it is still is.

Dyeing, carding, spinning, weaving and finishing, of the textile all happens in their fabric mills located throughout Oregon and Washington.

And similarly for their garment manufacturing: Much of the apparel manufacturing process occurs throughout the U.S. and in Nebraska, although some is outsourced overseas.

Sure to keep you warm this winter, the Fringe Scarf was made in one of Pendleton’s U.S. garment manufacturing facilities.

They’ve kept up with waves of technology since, “But our legacy of quality will never change.”


You can schedule a free tour of their fabric mills:

Washougal Weaving Mill in Washougal, Washington call (360) 835-1118

Pendleton Blanket Mill in Pendleton, Oregon call (541) 276-6911


Purchase the Fringe Scarf at Beklina, $115

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