Miyake Creates Wearable Origami

Issey Miyake, a long time champion of sustainable, has just released the 132 5. ISSEY MIYAKE collection of 3D garments that change form as the wearer moves throughout the day. Fabric is not cut or sewn, but folded into geometric shapes, much like origami. From it’s 2D shape, the garment unfolds to create beautiful and modern silhouettes. Snaps are placed at specific locations, so the wearer can change the shape of the garment: A day dress can become a cocktail dress or a long skirt, or adding attachments can create pants or jackets.

2D shapes of fabric (left), unfold to become 3D forms (right)

In line with the sustainable pathos, recycled plastic bottles were one of the fabric choices used and is seamlessly manipulated to create an airy and breathable feel.

“These clothes are very light, like air, and are season-less,” Miyake says. “I hope people will keep them a long time, and not replace them every two months. That, for me, is the essence of sustainability.”


+ Design Observer

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