Levi’s surprises again using ancient plant based dyes in jeans


Say what?! Levi’s is changing the mass market conversation, yet again. First Water<Less, then Waste<Less, now the denim giant has surprised us again with their recent collaboration with Colors of Nature. The partnership uses plant materials and ancient dye techniques to color their jeansIndigofera tinctoria, bark of the babul tree and rubia cordifolia are just a few of the plant materials used in the new collection.



Color created from fermenting the leaves of indigofera tinctoria plant with cassiatora seeds, ash water, and lime.



Color extracted from the bark of the babul tree or arcacia arabica, a hardy species found in India that is rich in tannin.



Color derived from the rubia cordifolia, a plant in the coffee family that produces star-like evergreen leaves, pale yellow flowers and red to black berries.


The collaborative collection is exclusively for the Men’s 511 Jeans, we’ll have to wait our turn ladies.

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