Berlin: High End Fashion Proves Sustainability is In Reach


The Greenshowroom, held amidst Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin concluded it’s eleventh season today, proving sustainable fashion is going nowhere but up. The international trade fair, exclusively for sustainable fashion and accessories, featured 30 exhibitors showing high-caliber, ethical designs.

“Real luxury is defined through the essence of each product. At the Greenshowroom we show the very essence of luxury in fashion: high-end fashion, materials and design in harmony with sustainability. It is within this exclusive market environment, in particular, that consumers pay increasing attention to the inherent values of a product. Moreover, the success of the Greenshowroom tells us that this is a long-term trend,” says Detlef Braun, Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt.

The guiding motto of the event was ‘Peak.’ Running under this theme, a range of answers were shown in response to future questions about scarcity of resources, social standards and the global challenges of complex value chains–but more positively the rise of sustainable fashion design.

Held along side of the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, the two location featured a total of 115 exhibitors, up over 20 exhibitors since last season. The trade fairs stand as the largest platform for eco-friendly and fair fashion at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.





The Salonshow catwalk, the climax of the three event, featured looks from Aiby Craft, Aleks Kurkowski, Alma & Lovis, Ben Weide, Cocccon, Deepmello, Edelziege, Johanna Riplinger, Katharinakaiser, Leibschneider, Lotta, Luxaa, Mayta Lara Leal, Myuli, Silke Handley, Somyso, Spectrum and Studio Ecocentric.



Want to see the Greenshowroom + Ethical Fashion Show Berlin in action? The next showcase will be held in Berlin July 8 – 10 2014.

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