Need Another Excuse to Love Ethical Fashion? Vogue Just Granted Your Wish


Fashion Revolution Day is on the horizon, and as a nod to the growing awareness pinned onto the movement’s tagline — “Who made your clothes?” — Vogue is getting curious too. They recently sat down with celebrity sustainable fashion advocate Livia Firth.

Firth is the co-founder of the Green Carpet Challenge, an organization working to dress red carpet stars in ethical clothing. The GCC has collaborated with many celebrities and top designers, including Rupert Friend and Bradley Cooper wearing Tom Ford suits made of environmentally conscious fabrics, Cate Blanchett in a pair of ethically mined Choprad earrings and many, many more. The innovative collaborations open up a more meaningful discussion on the red carpet. In contrast to the usual hob-nobbing chit-chat between reporters and stars, like their feelings on the recent nominations and how the night will turn out, the GCC facilitates a shift in awareness on the most gossiped, whispered and gawked question of all — “Who are you wearing?!” Livia Firth keenly seized the moment stars are bombarded to name their label as a shining opportunity to start a conversation about ethical fashion.

Her interview with Vogue Australia, which you can read in the latest April Issue, provides readers a bullet proof guide on “How to Embrace Ethical Fashion.

Firth told Vogue, “Today the world is in a big financial crisis but we can still change things in our wardrobe,” she explains. Firth encourages buying less and spending a little more. “Let’s create a sustainable wardrobe, with good quality pieces which will last a life time, which we can use and re-use over and over again. This is what you pay for. In the end you save a lot of money in fact!”

Read a snippet of the interview online at Vogue Australia and for the full full interview pick up the April issue of Vogue Australia.

image: Marissa Bronfman

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  • facebook_aldenwicker says:

    Australia is so far ahead of the US in terms of sustainable fashion! I was so excited when I saw Vogue, and then I was like, “Oh, of course, Australia.”

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