The Power of Focusing on Language


“Language exhibits hidden powers like a moon on the tides.” –Rita Mae Brown

Without a doubt, the ability to focus on our language is rare, invaluable and extremely powerful. Focusing on our language, speaking carefully and clearly, communicating the right words, is more essential than ever before. What we say is in how we say it.

The word Sustainable and Eco are tossed around as buzzwords, and turn many people off because their meaning is often misconstrued. Their value is greater than a succinct dictionary definition can convey. In fashion, sustainable and eco refers to a system of values and character; their meaning is beyond right or wrong. So choosing our language carefully, to communicate true value, is key.

From Sustainable, let’s say Well-made. Durable. Long-lasting.

From Eco, let’s say Responsible. Innovative. Intelligent.

From Ethical, let’s say Thoughtful. Forward-Thinking. Pioneering.


Their meaning is more insightful, isn’t it?

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