Fashion Revolution Day: Viral, Global + Here To Stay


You ever get the feeling when you think something is a niche but then you see it from a new perspective, your blinders come off and you realize, ‘WOW, this is a lot bigger than me + my immediate community?’ That is the beauty of viral social media, and today I am bursting with excitement at the speed at which #insideout is spreading across the globe.

Today is the day! Fashion Revolution Day, which right now, at this very moment, is trending worldwide! Just search Twitter or Instagram for the hashtag insideout and you will see the immense positive response from around the globe.

You too can join the Fashion Revolution movement, and turn your clothes inside out to spark curiosity //

“Who Made Your Clothes?”


Almost a year ago in the days following the Rana Plaza collapse, companies scrambled to answer a simple question; “Did we produce clothes there?!”

You wouldn’t think it, but what appears to call for a straight answer is not — it is actually strangely very complicated. To guarantee the cheapest production costs, known as the bottom dollar approach, companies contract out the search for cheap labor factories (and those contractors subcontract, and so on). Which explains why the answer is not always clear.

In light of the traceability issues, on April 24th, 2014 (the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse) Fashion Revolution is asking: “Who made your clothes?”

“Together we can use the power of fashion to catalyze and reconnect the broken links in the supply chain,” says Fashion Revolution Day.

Let’s start to be curious! Engage your favorite brands on social media by asking them “Who made your clothes?” Together we can raise awareness of the human connection behind the seams, and let labels know we care.

The Rana Plaza factory collapse, killed 1133 people, injured 2500 and left thousands without a main household source of income — standing as the worst-ever fashion disaster. Let’s stand together to call for positive change. The global industry has the remarkable capability to touch millions of lives, so let’s help fashion take a turn for the good.

“Fashion Revolution Day has gathered incredible momentum on a global scale,” says Fashion Revolution Founder, Carry Somers. “We have over 40 countries around the world who will be participating in the day and I believe this represents a really exciting opportunity to reconnect fashion-lovers with the people who made their clothes.”


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