Julie Gilhart: “You will not just be seduced by the ‘fashion’ but also by how the fashion is made”


Conscious consumerism is evolving. But what does it mean? We’ve been thinking a lot about the topic lately. I guess it’s pretty obvious, it means thinking before you shop. But most of us already do think before we shop: We think about how much something costs. If we can afford it. If it looks good on us. If we already have something like it. If it matches with something we own. If the fabric feels good. Where we can wear it to.

We think a lot before a purchase. So what is conscious consumption?

Julie Gilhart, formerly headed the buying team at Barney’s New York, is now the most high profile fashion consultant in the business, and she’s quite vocal when it comes to ethics + fashion and conscious consumerism leading the future of retail:

Conscious consumerism is a reminder that consuming affects humanity and the world at large. We need to remember our purchases have power to express our beliefs.

In an exclusive interview with Business of Fashion, Gilhart says the future of retail in dawning and “we will not just be seduced by the ‘fashion’ but also by how the fashion is made.”

Read her full interview with Business of Fashion

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