French Women Embrace Their Femininity

La femme française have got style. But what IS it?! Tip 1: It’s not the size of your heel, but the spring in your step.

When I think of myself, raised by a Parisian mother who has lived in America longer than she has her native land, she still holds to the idea that the French do everything better and Americans have it all wrong (except the NYC High Line). Perhaps the ideal of la femme Française is similar to my mother’s irrational contempt for American society.

Whether these ideals of perfections are grounded or not, (and many of the American women I know embody several, if not all, of these qualities listed), French women certainly do know something about femininity and how to embrace their natural beauty.

Read the entire list of tips in my latest on EcoSalon: French Women’s Real Style Lesson: Embrace your Femininity


image: twm1340

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