Freeze Your Jeans? + Other Smart Tips for Laundry

smartlaundry Clothing we love should last forever–it’s the ultimate sustainability. But how can we better launder our clothes? Need a few hints?

Tip 1: Freezing your jeans?!

Yes, that’s right—freeze those baby blues because in this case, washing is optional. Some denim experts say it’s the only way to go with a great pair of jeans (that is if you aren’t using them as work-jeans). How to? Fold the jeans nicely, place them in a gallon-sized ziplock bag (or paper bag will work too) and leave them in the freezer for about a week. The freezing temperature kills off any bacteria or living microbes on the jeans (which is what can make them smell). Defrost, hang out in the sun, and voila, fresh jeans! And no washing means you can keep them perfectly broken in.



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images: Provocative Woman Blogspot + Inspired Designs

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