Is Your Beauty Routine Backwards?: Seven Surprising Skin Care Facts

beauty3 We all want glowing radiant skin (duh!). And beauty shines from the inside out–drinking lots of water, exercising and laughing all promote healthy, vibrant skin. But when it is more than that?

I’ve battled with my skin care routine since I can remember.

Starting when I was a teen, I tried everything from a dairy-free diet and birth control pills to harsh creams–but nothing worked (which only lead to my increased frustration).

For a while I thought I would never win the battle. That is, until I realized it wasn’t a battle at all. It’s a partnership. Your skin is smart–it knows best.

These seven surprising facts by my all time favorite skin care line, Dr. Hauscka, changed my outlook–and outcome–drastically. Take away one or two, or all if you’d like, and your skin will undoubtedly thank you.



1. Skip the night cream; your skin will thank you.

As an organ in and of itself, your skin knows how to regulate itself. During slumber you skin can rejuvenate itself. So let it due it’s thing and don’t become dependent on night creams.


2. Like treats like.

This one is a big tip! If you have oily skin, you should treat with a heavier moisturizer and visa versa with dry skin. It seems counterintuitive because beauty brands have lead us to believe the opposite. But by treating like with like, your skin won’t work overtime. If you have more oily skin, but using a light cream your skin will work double time to compensate. Again, your skin knows best so work with it, not against it.


3. Stop scrubbing—your skin is not the bathroom floor.

Over cleaning your skin can damage the delicate balance. Harsh products and routines with break down the natural protectant layer of your skin. The Hauschka Method of “Press and Roll” gently invigorates the skin, removing the top layer of dead skin and dirt, revealing a radiate glow without scrub away the essential top oil layers.


4. Ingredients matter…and quality ingredients matter most.

This is a no-brainer: Quality! The best ingredients will smartly work with your skin and bring forth your natural glow.


5. Your skin is smart.

Ever heard of the I-wash-my-face-never approach? It may sound way out of line, but lots of people I know choose this method and it can work wonders. Regardless if this is your way or not, your skin can take care of itself and knows when to regulate and produce more or less oils. Trust your skin.


6. Not all facials are created equal.

Facials should be calming, not painful. When your lymphatic system is gently pampered it promotes the skin’s self-healing. Yes, extractions are needed but keep it to an essential minimum and make it enjoyable for your face.


7. Rhythm is the key to health and vibrancy.

Just like the change of seasons or the waxing + waning moon, our skin experiences the same fluctuations throughout a 28 day cycle. Understanding this rhythm creates a vibrant harmony because it isn’t about the battle, it’s about the relationship.

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