8 Natural Beauty Products from Logona You Need Right Now

Get ready to be pampered with luxury.

Logona, and their sister company Sante, have been in business for almost 35 years in Germany. Their cosmetics and beauty products have freshened countless high fashion runway shows in Berlin, and worn + adorn by women for over a generation.

Now their secret is out, and on the US market.

Made with natural ingredients–it’s a high end product at an affordable price. For all these eight products listed (each equally amazing) it would cost you only $121! Spoil yourself and enjoy.

1. Organic Relaxation Mask, $24

2. Velvet Rose Shampoo, $9

3. Rouge Silky Magnolia Blush, $20

4. Organic Carrot Vitamin Cream, $27

5. Homme deodorant spray, $15.50, or for women, Goji deodorant, $16

6. Natural Form Wax Hair Care, $12

7. Organic Acai Facial Exfoliant, $4.50

8. Grenadine Spirit Body Lotion, $9


You can find Logona and Sante products at Whole Foods or on their online store.


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