Benedetta: Botanical products that feed your skin

What’s the secret to never aging? Gee, wouldn’t we all like to know (as I drink a cup of green tea infused with two tablespoons of coconut oil).

Well if there’s one thing we should know it’s 100% natural, organic, botanical ingredients is a sure fire way to go when it comes to restoring, protecting and rejuvenating our skin. The use of botanicals in skin care dates back to 2700BC! Are we surprised that the greatest skin treatments come straight from Mother Earth?

Julia Faller, founder of Benedetta, certainly believes in the holistic approach and her company has been going strong for over seventeen years. “It might sound cliche, but I became a formulator out of an intrinsic need for a skin care line that didn’t exist, at least in all my searching.” She says, “I entered the skin care industry being told by many cosmetic chemists that I couldn’t achieve what I wanted in a formula without petro-chemicals and additives, including preservatives. They were wrong!”

Bendetta skin care products are made with 100% botanical ingredients purchased from a global community of farmers all with their own rich heritage and story; from the 10 year old family crop of Bulgarian Roses to our local Northern California Lavender to our Certified Fair Trade Shea Butter. Their products preserve the rich color and sweet smell inherent within nature.

We are loving “the best deodorant,” reliable for long-lasting protection and its sweet smells. The deodorant is free of anything that might be harmful to your body, and unlike many natural deodorants, it really works! (note: maybe not lady-like, but come on ladies, ‘conventional’ deodorant puts some nasty chemicals in an area we need to protect the most). It truly is –the best deodorant!

Another great product we stand by is the creme cleanser rosemary & geranium. It cleanses the skin’s top layer without stripping all of the natural oils, and also releases toxins on a deeper level. And yes, of course, is made with natural ingredients like rosemary and geranium, leaving all its fresh aromas on your skin.
Not only are the products great for your skin, but the packaging is good for the environment. The outer packaging of Benedetta products is made from fully recyclable tin material, keeping the products clean, and easily recyclable after you are finished.


Hooked yet? We are. Check out their full line of products here.


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