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What is the key to a lighter and happier existence? Let’s start with understanding life is not to be taken too seriously. Gorman, the Australian-based label, lives out this zesty principle for la vie–Inspired by the beat of Melbourne and it’s hip urban dwellers, gorman’s fun, almost quirky designs, paired with grounded sustainable business principles tops this week’s Weekly Want.

Dominated by chaos and color, these kate tucker one off shoes are hand painted, making no two the same, even down to each pair. Merging left/right brain concepts with structured vs. chaotic motifs on each foot, we love the cognitive style’s playful design + concept. “When you set out to choose your own adventure, there are many assumptions it pays to boldly disregard. Realizing that your shoes don’t need to match is a good place to start!,” says gorman.


Since 2007, gorman has taken a responsible stance to conduct their business by. But what makes their point of view special is it’s grounded in measurable and realistic principles–they know what’s up :

“Technically, gorman organic doesn’t only use ‘organic’ materials specifically. this means the use of organic, recycled or sustainable materials. for example, sometimes a recycled synthetic might be more environmentally sound than organic cotton.”

Back when the gorman organic brand was introduced in 2007, it was simply all about organic cotton, hence the brand name. But as we know, technology and time move super-quickly, and consequently, we have found other great fibres and processes that suitably fit into gorman organic. This may be for their growth, harvest and processing, or for their ethical certification.”


I also love the paint splattered clutch, winter harvest dress, waffle stack throws, and take a hike dress.

Moreover, they’ve nourished sustainable business practices beyond the seams and into other aspects of their company too. Encouraging customers to leave the shopping bag behind, for every three customers who say ‘no bag thanks,’ gorman plants a tree in partnership with Friends of the Earth. Plus, when you give back an old gorman piece to their store, they will pass it on by donating them to second hand stores to continue it’s lifecycle.

But most outstandingly, in 2010, gorman decided to reduce their plastic packaging. In just one year they reached 90% reduction! They are so proud of the effect from their efforts they know any company can do the same: “If you too are in the fashion industry, all you need to do is use one large bag to line a box instead of popping each item into its own bag, as this is exactly how we achieved such a dramatic reduction in plastic packaging,” says gorman.

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gorman’s City Tip: Favorite spot in Melborne? Russell Place.

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