RoyalBLUSH Bracelet

Pioneering a new kind of luxury, one which blends sustainability and design, the Weber Fine lime blossom bracelet by RoyalBLUSH makes it to the top for this week’s Weekly Want. RoyalBLUSH Bracelet The fine calf-skin leather used on the jewelry is tanned through an old traditional recipe of vegetable tanning, no chemicals are involved in any part of the process–one of Keller’s dedication to sustainability. They also use paperless e-voice billing, renewable energy and local European production (90% in Germany, 10% in Switzerland).

For each collection founder Jana Keller designs a new knot. “The original inspiration came up during a canyoning tour in Austria, where I was confronted with a dozen lifesaving knots – they looked so pretty!” She goes on to say, “A couple of weeks later it started working in the back of my mind. It was quite a process until I had the perfect bracelets. Everything from the cord to the buckles is custom made for us.”

“Simple, un-embellished and pure”

…Exactly why we love to accessorize with the RoyalBLUSH bracelets.

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