Vegan Shoe Talk with Love is Mighty


Monisha Raja, Founder and Creative Director of vegan shoe brand, Love is Mighty knows a thoughtful shoe is hard to find. In lieu of the gap, Monisha has built one of the most fashion-forward vegan brands on the market, and was recently awarded the PETA Vegan Fashion Award for her line. Representing more than just a well-designed shoe, Love is Mighty is a force preserving traditional artisan crafts in India and around the globe.

“I have been in the fashion industry for over twenty years. I graduated from Parsons, and throughout my career I was mainly focused on apparel. Then, eight years ago, I accidentally fell into shoe design through a friend at Tory Burch who asked me to join the team.

I knew I wanted to eventually start my own project. And as I started to build Love is Mighty there was always a strong eye on design, keeping the shoes vegan, and giving back in some way. I spent three months traveling throughout India. While I was traveling, I came across a group of artisans and ended up stayed with them for weeks at a time. As I learned of their precarious working conditions, given that india is racing towards becoming an econmic super power — these artisans were being marginalized. Many of them were giving up their beautiful craft to go into construction work, which currently is a much steadier economic opportunity.

It was then I asked myself, ‘What can I do to be part of the solution?’ And, that is where Love is Mighty came into the picture, as a bridge between the huge gap in artisan craft and modern design.

I had no idea where all these dots were connecting to. All I knew was I had a calling, and the calling was strong. I barely had any money — just a lot of passion, energy, and time. That’s how it all began to unfold.”


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