Paloni Finnish concept store ‘Pops-up’ for NYFW


Vilmava / Vilma Riitijoki, photograph Alexia Pera-Rouhu

As New York fashion week approaches (only a day away!) designers from all around the world gather for catwalks, parties and presentations in New York to show the latest and greatest in fashion for AW/13. Helsinki-based creative concept store Paloni will showcase Finnish fashion and design at the Paloni pop-up store on 251 Elizabeth St. (btw Prince + Houston), bringing on 37 up-and-coming Finnish designers, representing 27 fashion and design brands.

Paloni was founded in Helsinki by Minna Särelä, who sold her family’s home to be able to establish a store showcasing handcrafted pieces by independent designers. Paloni’s vision embraces transparency and tells the story of each of its products to the customer – Paloni’s price tags include information of who designed and made that specific item, where and why. Fittingly, the name of the store – the Finnish word for “my passion” – describes the driving force behind Paloni’s designers’ work.

If you’re in New York check out the pop-up store, and be sure to attend their opening party at 251 Elizabeth St., February 13th.


Outsapop / Outi Pyy
Ainokainen / Netta Kervinen
Dead Birds & Lionheart / Maria Jokela & Anni Niemi
First Crush / Mari Himmanen
Kaino / Sanni Salonen & Niina Sinisalo
MUKA VA / Anna Mattelmäki & Emilia Kiialainen
Olav / Jussi Salminen
POGOSTICK failure / Emmi Korhonen & Minna Rytkönen
TAUKO / Mila Moisio & Kaisa Rissanen
Second Chance / Maija Nuppula
SIPILÄ / Linda Sipilä
Vietto / Minna Kaartinen
VILMAVA / Vilma Riitijoki
Balabin Art & Design / Nikolai & Melitina Balabin
Beloved / Päivi & Janne Brunou
Ideakoru / Maarit Naakka
Mari & Arrow / Janita Aro & Mari Salmela
Lempiväri / Elli Hukka
TOHONO / Anna Talvi & Nadia Kuu
2. Elämä / Yuan Long & Jaime De Vizcaya
Emmi Malmström shoes / Emmi Malmström
Fiona Timantti hats / Fiona Timantti
Humbugi Accessories / Anni Jokinen
RARA shoes / Veera Tuominen
Molla Mills / Molla Mills
PaaPii Design / Anniina Isokangas
Sarita Koivukoski / Sarita Koivukoski
More about Paloni: and #/


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