Oh-So Pretty Steps Towards Sustainability

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There is a town in Sweden aiming to be completely sustainable–every step they took was closed loop process, better for their environment and their community. In this heaven on Earth, the townspeople were happy and successful in their venture – yes indeed – but the one dark cloud they repeatedly cited to stand in their way: stylish shoes. Shoes are often filled with toxic glues, rubber and cheap labor. But, hey Sweden, have you heard of Coclico?


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Coclico is a fashion first shoe company, working hard over the last decade to source and produce ethically. Their oh so pretty steps to sustainability have led to shoes that make co-friendly (and eco-friendly) production a priority from start to finish.


Wedges are made from recycled Portuguese cork or wood.

Leathers are sourced only from European tanneries accredited for their use of environmentally conscious practices and non-toxic vegetable-tanning.

All production is done–start to finish–in a small family owned factory in Majorca, Spain.

Traceable supply chain, yes. Non-toxic materials, yes. Mindful practices, yes.

And most importantly ladies, these shoes are made for walking. Built to last through timeless styling, the materials used only improve with age. If Coclico had made Cinderella’s shoe, they might have been made from recycled glass, and I can bet when the clock sang midnight they wouldn’t have fallen off.

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The company isn’t just about making great shoes, but they also want to share fresh tips on how to practically incorporate sustainable habits into your lifestyle. Follow the trace for hashtag #smallsteps on how you can take small steps to make a big difference.

Hooked? Yesm, me too. Peak at the full Coclico SS13 collection here

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