A New Generation, A Century Old Story

Najla is redefining the comfort of lingerie with classic, high-quality undergarments, manufactured in New York City’s garment district using sustainable materials.

The Najla story begins in 1920 with a once thriving family business — a lingerie shop in Downtown Brooklyn opened by Lebanese-born Najla Trabulsi Grupe. For more than sixty years, Najla, offered top quality, custom undergarments for women from fine, locally manufactured silks. The process was thoughtful, precise, and a true luxury.

Now, nearly a century after the first Najla shop opened, Najla’s great-great niece is reviving the label to parallel the quality, precision and intimate luxury that was so much part of the original shop.

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Najla lingerie combines classic, elegant silhouettes and luxurious materials with expert artisanship, and each Najla undergarment will be made with careful attention to detail in New York City, and offer timeless, well-made undergarments with impeccable fit.

Najla embraces the principles of the slow fashion movement, through a dedication to local manufacturing, using sustainable materials, and championing transparency at all stages of the production process. By working one on one with the network of producers and suppliers, as well as selling directly to customers via online-only they can eliminate unnecessary overhead and offer a superior product at a fair price.

In Najla’s eyes collecting a small number of classic, beautiful, and high-quality undergarments that can transition from day to night is, in and of itself, an ethical and sustainable practice.



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