A Fair(e) Approach to Accessorizing

Nancy and Carlos workshop Ecuador2
Faire Collection, an accessory company with fair trade in the foundation of their business model, delivers colorful pieces with a momentum of positive change.

For six years, Faire Collection has worked with fair trade artisan partners from around the world using natural materials to create handmade jewelry and accessories. “Our focus has always been to bring high fashion to fair trade,” says Amanda Judge, CEO and founder of Faire Collection.

Through their innovative approach to break a cultural cycle of poverty, Faire Collection has put 225 artisans in Ecuador, Peru, Swaziland and Vietnam on the path of prosperity. But social prosperity isn’t all — the sustainable management of natural resources is crucial for Faire Collection.

“It’s thrilling to see the evolution of the intricate designs that our Ecuadorian artisans can bring forth from amazon seeds,” says Judge. “And I continue to be awed by the diversity of styles and textures that our Vietnamese workshops bring to life with up cycled horn.”




First, Faire Collection and its artisan partners source natural materials from local suppliers — rainforest seeds (!) are supplied from Ecuadorian lowlands and the Amazon region. Alpaca fiber, from highlands in Peru. Bullhorn from just outside Hanoi in Vietnam. Throughout all this, Faire Collection ensures natural materials are harvested and processed in an environmentally responsible manner, meeting their high standards of quality (thank you kindly).

All accessory designs are thought up by Faire Collection’s in-house design team in Brooklyn. Then, their partners handcraft all the beauties in their respected countries.

The history, traditions, and lifestyles of these communities deserve respect and support.

Both social and environmental sustainability are at the core of Faire Collection to preserve craft, culture and style. Now all that’s left is to check out what Faire Collection piece is your favorite!

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