Freedom of Animals: Vegan Handbags With Design First, Vegan on the Side


I’m skeptical about vegan bags.

I have no problem with the leather industry if it’s done right–when it’s a byprodcut of beef, using as much of the animal as possible and chromium and other creepy chemicals stay out of the tanning process.

But like everything, it is a person’s choice–and I respect that too.

That being said, when Freedom of Animals came across my radar I was oozing with desire, not because it is all vegan but because their designs are top notch. Minimal, sharp and sophisticated.

Nana Doubler Bag





As the brand states, the founders created their line “not only to provide an eco-friendly option but to offer a sleek, functional and complimentary design.” That’s exactly what they deliver with these vegan bags Made in the USA.

So what’s it made of? The faux leather material is made of of recycled plastic woven with organic cotton, and colored with vegetable based dyes. All approved by the EPA and labeled as 100% sustainable and cruelty-free.

Whether it’s ethics you are after or just a stylish bag, Freedom of Animals has got you covered–and we think they do a damn good job.



What’s your favorite? We are loving the Melia Lia

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  • facebook_aldenwicker says:

    Ohhh, yes, I’ve had my eye on this line. I love the clean, simple lines. I would love to get my hands on one and see how it looks in real life. I’ve invested in a vegan purse before and given up on it–it just didn’t look luxurious enough for the price I paid!

    • Juliette Donatelli says:

      They stock the bags at 3×1 denim on Mercer street + Howard street. Go check them out, they are great!

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