Edge of Ember: Melting Tragedy into Triumph


Often times in fashion, designs are ‘borrowed’ from artisans, commercialized and brought to market bypassing any acknowledgement to the culturally rich peoples the designs were inspired by.

But the fashion industry is changing.

And Edge of Ember is a change maker.

Working with communities in Cambodia, Nepal and Indonesia, Edge of Ember is ensuring artisan creators thrive.

Founded in early 2012 by Singapore-born Lynette Ong, the label preserves artisan’s culture and meticulous attention to detail while expanding designs to fit a modern market.

All artisans are ensured ethical fair wages from the direct sales of their craft, while we as consumers, are given an opportunity to adorn ourselves with their beautiful craftsmanship.


Nakry Gold Ring, Ayushi Earrings and Tomei Blue Necklace


Turning Tragedy into Triumph

The studs and pendants in the current collection, AARATI are created from recycled brass bombshells left over from the Khmer Rouge period in Cambodia–the brief but devastating reign of a guerilla group that killed nearly two million Cambodians from 1975 to 1979. Reusing the bombshell brass is symbolic of bring new light and hope to the genocide remnants–breathing beauty into tragedy.

Giving Back

10% of all proceeds are donated to local charities that focus on helping sex trafficking victims – currently the charity, AFESIP Cambodia, is being funded.




A culture of collaboration, like the one Edge of Ember embodies, elevates fashion design into a form of activism–making a statement to embrace the rich and diverse nature of local craftspeople, while equally fitting the lifestyles of the modern market. One enormous benefit of globalization is our ability to create and support these efforts of collaboration.

Our favorite? We love the Tallula gold Bangle



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