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Zero Waste Fashion: Expanding creativity in a use-it-don’t-lose-it mentality

Designers are taking their craft and skill to a new level, challenging themselves to reduce industry waste by creating Zero Waste Fashion garments. In the fast fashion world, with an enormous number of styles to design…

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Making Mid-Town: An ambitious proposal to save NYC’s Garment District

Fashion skyways connecting buildings? Runway shows in the street? This is not a glimpse into Karl Lagerfeld’s dreams, but a new vision to strengthen NYC’s Garment District and increase the number of locally designed and produced…

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Let’s take a step back: why care about sustainability and fashion? Part II: A look into making products

Got a good deal on a shirt recently? Maybe a new pair of shoes? Perhaps you love ALDO, Zara’s or Urban Outfitters, for their great styles on a budget. But have you look past the shoppers…

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Let’s take a step back: why care about sustainability and fashion? Part I: Earth rise

Over the last decade we have become bombarded with green, sustainable, and eco-friendly ideas tips and products. But why are these things important? and more specifically, why should we care?!   Two things have become monumental…

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“Fashions fade, style is eternal”: Why street fashion has spread like rapid fire

Fashion blogs all around the world seem to be snapping street style shots left and right. We would even say they are everyWEAR! Now don’t mistake me, I love me some style inspiration, especially when it’s…

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