Fashion Revolution USA + LAUNCH NYC Turn NYFW #INSIDEOUT


Join the #INSIDEOUT NYFW Party to bring awareness to transparency and fairness in the fashion supply chain. Hosted by the GreenShows, to celebrate Fashion Revolution Day, the party represents a turning point in fashion, and a place where we can celebrate this culmination together.

Fashion Revolution Day aims to honor the lives of the 1133 sweatshop laborers killed and over 2500 injured due to unsafe working conditions on April 24th, 2014, one year following the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With participation from over 30 countries worldwide, the Fashion Revolution campaign is quickly gaining momentum with consumers, designers and celebrities alike. Amber Valletta – supermodel, actress and founder of premiere socially responsible online store Master & Muse – is inspired to wear her clothes #INSIDEOUT on April 24th, Fashion Revolution Day: “We all need to pay attention to how and where our clothes are made because we share a common thread: humanity.”

The #INSIDEOUT/NYFW event will feature installations honoring the victims of Rana Plaza and the launch of the #INSIDEOUT photo contest, where consumers are encouraged to find out “Who made your clothes?” and take photos of themselves wearing outfits #INSIDEOUT to win designer clothing from ethical brands like Indigenous. The #INSIDEOUT party will salute the designers, fashionistas and thought-leaders on the cutting edge of ethical fashion. Music will be provided by DJ Spooky, celebrated performer, former artist in residence at the Museum of Metropolitan Art and executive editor of Origin Magazine. Treats will be provided by vegan gourmet eatery Candle Café

Sustainable fashion pioneer Harvey Russack, CEO of The GreenShows and sponsor of Fashion Revolution’s #INSIDEOUT party on February 7th, sums up the rising ethical fashion ethos.

“You can count on The GreenShows to stand united on Fashion Revolution Day, wearing our clothes inside out and our hearts on our sleeves.”

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