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Made entirely using organic plant oils + butters in a modern apothecary based in Brooklyn, Meow Meow Tweet begins all product recipes by mixing up their favorite scent combinations. Each product is made in small batches by hand, and their minimal waste packaging filled with colorful graphics is a great addition to any beauty cabinet. We had to catch up with Meow Meow Tweet to learn just about everything on their tried-and-true natural ingredients, kitchen beautician tips and what sustainability means to them.


spades + siLK: You run a hand crafted apothecary using all natural ingredients. When did you become invested in launching your company?

Tara, co-founder of Meow Meow Tweet: MMT has been around for the past 5 years. The first three years were spent working other full time jobs and doing MMT on nights and weekends. Two years ago, it became evident that the only way MMT would grow would be for us to be “all in”. We quit our jobs (actually Tara quit hers first and then Jeff followed 6 months later). It changed the stakes but it was the best decision we could have made.

s+s: What are three ingredients you find yourself using a lot of in your products, and what are their benefits

MMT: Oh, good question! Hempseed oil is our favorite oil. We’re especially attracted to ingredients that are also edible – and this oil is a subtle warrior for the skin inside and out. Not only does it soak into your skin quickly, but it’s non clogging and reduces the size of pores, is great for acne prone skin and it’s also anti-inflammatory. Sunflower oil is a close second. A great source of Vitamin E, it protects skin against the elements, free radicals and inflammation while being a powerful moisturizer. For the third, we’d have to go with witch hazel. Our witch hazel distillate is wild crafted and distilled to order by a woman in Oregon. It’s alcohol free and smells so beautifully woody. What CAN’T witch hazel do? Seriously. It’s great for acne, sunburn, deodorizing, and as a toning skin prep before moisturizing (it helps retain the skin’s moisture). We even make our own mouth wash with it.


s+s: What is one thing about natural skin care everyone should know?

MMT: We believe that the closer you are to the plant, the more effective the product. Look for unrefined, raw, unbleached oils and butters.

s+s: The vast majority of cosmetic and skin care ingredients are currently not regulated by any governing body. If there was one commonly used skin care ingredient you could see disappear from the market, what would it be?
MMT: This would be a long list for us. We like ingredients that are plant-based and easily understood by the majority of consumers. If we have to pick one that’s close to our hearts… how about ALL animal derived or sourced ingredients. Then let’s quit all animal testing too, for good measure. So we couldn’t just choose one.

s+s: What are three Meow Meow Tweet products one must have in their beauty cabinet?

MMT: A bar of soap, our deodorant cream, and either our face cleanser or face oil (depending on your skin type!)



s+s: Are there any natural ‘kitchen beautician’ items you are really excited about right now?

MMT: Well, we ALWAYS love baking soda. When we go backpacking, we actually only bring a tin of that to brush our teeth, deodorize, wash our faces, wash our dishes. It’s such a lovely fine exfoliant too. We also love apple cider vinegar for toning and clearing skin from the inside out. Also, any edible oil is generally great for use as a moisturizer- just do a little research to see if it’s right for your skin type.

s+s: What’s the best skin care advice you’ve ever received?

MMT: Drink a lot of water.

s+s: What is sustainability to you?

Sustainability is not just looking at the product in front of you but thinking about where it came from and where it’s going. Are the ingredients sourced ethically and sustainably? Is the bottle recyclable or reusable? Am I supporting a small company that participates in it’s community? Sure, we want you to be using and living with amazing products, but you’re not the only person affected by that product. It has a long life aside from you.


Check out Meow Meow Tweet’s full collection here

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