7 Habits of Insanely Healthy Skin


Beautiful skin is about routine and care. We all know, the most beautiful skin comes form the inside out, so here are our 7 favorite secrets to insanely healthy skin.

1. Nightly Coconut Oil

I am a huge believer in the benefits of coconut oil, wether as a hair mask or for oil pulling, it’s something to always keep in the beauty cabinet. I’ve found, the best way to use this fixer-all is as a night cream. Apply a little on a clean face before bed and let the coconut oil do the rest. Plus, did you know it hold anti-bacterial properties?!

2. Drink lots of water

Often repeated, but too commonly overlooked, drinking lots of water is the purest way to continuously flush out last night’s pizza splurge or . Drinking adequate water replenishes your organs (we are 75% water after all) and keeps you skin–yes, an organ too–from drying out.

3. Laugh

One day I was brunching on Manhattan’s Upper East Side when I overheard the worldly table next to me talking about the secrets of beautiful skin. They had come across a seventy year old woman in Cairo that looked forty-five. As I ease-dropped intently (duh, I want to know too) they said her secret was she never laughed. [WHAT?!] Her never laughing they said, was an a testament to her smooth face. I completely disagree. The benefits of laughing have been proven over and over again to increase vitality and happiness, which in turn translates to a glowing radiance. Sorry to say you table of globetrotters you’ve got it wrong. Keep laughing, because after all beauty is from the inside out.

4. Triphala

Triphala is a blend of natural herbs used in ayurvedic medicine to cleanse the body by releasing toxins. It’s my favorite secret weapon. Pick up a bottle four times a year (best during the change of seasons) and take until they are all gone. Triphala is sure to clear up your skin (and body) like a charm!

5. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize

The trio is not just a marketing ploy–these are the three best face care routines for healthy skin. I’ve found I never stick to one entire skin care line but prefer a mix of products. My favorites are Dr. Haushcka cleansing cream, Thayer’s Lemon Witch Hazel Toner, and Osmia Organics moisturizer

6. Face mask

Two times a month use a face mask to give extra nourishment to your skin. You don’t need a face store bought brand–really any combination of avocado, eggs, honey, and coconut oil or olive oil will do the trick.

7. Feel what you are feeling

Don’t try to cake makeup on (although, yes sometimes a little blush, eyeliner and red lip can change a whole lot) when you are having a bad day, but feel what you are feeling. Trying to fake an emotion shows through your skin like a cellophane wrapped cupcake. Honestly expressing what we are feeling is the clearest expression of who we are in that moment, and there is nothing more sexy than being genuinely you.


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