Modernism, Femininity + Individualism through the Little Black Dress

Every since Marion Morehouse posed for Vogue’s May 1926 issue wearing Coco Chanel’s black sequence drop-waist dress, the little black dress has stood for more than just a closet staple, but as a symbol of change. It’s represented modernism in its rejection of sentimentality. Femininity in its dignity. And individualism in its rejection to blending in with colorful masses. Through constant reinvention, we can never get enough of this go-to garment.

Out on the town or for a casual day, show off your legs to that spring sunshine with eight greats we’ve rounded up below!


1. Carrie Parry’s Sheer Layered Shirt Dress

2. Yeohlee Teng’s Victorian Laser Dress

3. Les Racines du Ciel’s Organic Cotton Dress

4. Format’s Dime Dress

5. Honest By’s Black Organic Cotton Jersey Longsleeve Panel Dress

6. L’Herbe Rouge’s Cavally

7. Ada Zaniton’s Black Dress

8. Susan Woo’s Silk Bias Neon Contrast Black Dress


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