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Backpacks are in right now–and let’s be honest, they never really went out.

If you are like me, carrying around a laptop all over creation, backpacks are a great way to even out the weight you carry and put less stress on your spine. Here is a list of my 8 favorite backpacks made responsibly with sustainable materials–and most of them have a great story to tell. Check out the full article here on EcoSalon.

1. Rucksac Chataigne Barbade by Veja. $239, Veja

2. Garfield by State Bags. $55, STATE

3. The Lucas by Stone + Cloth. $68, Stone + Cloth

4. Black Waxed Rucksack by Archival. $260, Archival

5. Frosted Flower Rucksack by Front Row Society. $139, Front Row Society

6. Signature Urban Ruck by Sword & Plough. $298, Sword & Plough

7. Dublin Backpack by Ecoalf. $75, Ecoalf

8. Tropic Dream Globby Backpack by Modernaked. $130, Modernaked


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