I Am What’s Underneath


On the edge of beauty is a world of self acceptance. The StyleLikeU mother and daughter team is taking us all there through their art. On a path to create a full length documentary which echo’s the shorts of their What’s Underneath Project, their Kickstarter will fund the continuation of filming around the world.



“With each layer of clothing removed, new truths came to the surface.

What began to come out of our interviews was powerful vulnerability and honest personal storytelling that revealed the depths of marketing’s effects on our human experience.

Out poured story after story about poor self-image: eating disorders, pill addictions, depression, as well as gender, age and racial identity crises. In addition, many had faced misguided assumptions towards them based on looks — bullying and marginalization for everything from what they were wearing to the texture of their natural hair. How absurd is that?

What we began to realize was that each person, like us, had felt that they were lacking something that kept them from feeling beautiful and whole.”

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“And true self-acceptance is not about looking like some made-up ideal of perfection. It is about the bravery to be in this world, exactly as you are, and not in the image of others. That is what gives a person style. That is what makes a person beautiful.”



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