Gamma Folk: Show Stopping, Naturally Dyed Jewelry


Gamma Folk’s gorgeous new collection, made entirely with natural dyes + handmade in NYC is now available!! Each jewelry piece is definitely made with quality craft and love inherent to the brands artisan aesthetic.

“People appreciate the handmade quality of my line, and the inherent variation.” Lily Piyathaisere, founder of Gamma Folk told us in an interview last March. “There are times I work with people who say, “Oh that is too different.” And I always say, ‘Variations are natural.’ The right people appreciate that. If they want something mass produced they’ve got to go elsewhere. Part of textile arts in general is the labor part of it and embracing that part.”










Juliette Donatelli: What is at the heart of your jewelry line Gamma Folk?

Lily Piyathaisere: Gamma Folk is really about the merging of new materials. So the new collection incorporated ceramics, which is a white earthenware clay, and I like to incorporate that with natural fibers. Everything is naturally dyed using different plant based materials including indigo and log wood. What I love about log wood is that it has a range. You can add modifiers and different things to have a range of purples to grays.

The ceramics are all hand built. It is my first time incorporating ceramics. I love the fibers but I was always looking for weight. It is a comfortable necklace but you want it to hang, and I thought it was a good was to incorporate that.


Check out the collection here

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