Defying Trends Via Experience: Crippen is Stunning, Timeless and Domestic


Crippen, a Los-Angeles based clothing company and brainchild of Susie Crippen, co-founder of J Brand, is a timeless label of basics entirely manufactured in the U.S.A.

When J Brand was sold, Susie went with it. And after the transition, she found herself with tons of time on her hands and big dreams swimming through her head. “I thought about moving to Spain to learn Flamenco and ride Andalusian horses all day, or perhaps move to Northern California and make pottery and start a sanctuary for wounded birds of prey,” says Crippen. The wanderlust of pursuing something further eventually landed in a new beginning within her rooted industry of fashion, and Crippen was born.

As I started the process of building this company in my head, I went through old photographs of myself and saw that year after year, I wear the same simple pieces over and over again. I yearned for those clothes in a modern version.

Crippen is a clothing company of simple, elegant and well-made basics, entirely manufactured in America, to be worn on the beaches of Cambodia or in a corporate office–to facilitate light packing or clothe you for a comfortable day to day routine, always in splendid style.


Clockwise: Aubon Jacket, Anouk Shirt, Grace Short; Connery Jacket, Alex T, Winquist Trouser; Bay Caftan.

I wanted to make beautiful clothing that is easy to wear and stunning at the same time. I wanted clothing that defied trends and I would wear for twenty years and never want to give away. I wanted to put eight pieces of clothing and three pairs of shoes in my suitcase and be ready for any destination and situation I would be put in.


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