ChoCheng: Clothing Made To Last in a Rapidly Changing World


ChoCheng is a worldly gentleman, and his designs are reminiscent of that elegant and sophisticated global woman. Brought up in a couture atelier in Hong Kong, studied at Parson’s and now London based, his clothes are made to last, and his always creating with absolute attention to detail. Sharp, elegant and sexy all in one, we are honored to bring you an interview with ChoCheng.

1.What did you learn from your grandmother that couldn’t have be attained through formal education?

Aesthetics and work ethics

2. How does he approach a collection? From sketches, mood board, fabrics? What is the process?

I always start with a mood board and then fabric sourcing. I don’t usually do sketches unless clients or editors ask for them.

3. Can you comment on the craftmanship, such as the time and expertise that goes into constructing the signature military jacket, and one of the couture pieces. And why an investment piece is important?

We first order the fabric from a UK mill, each jacket is sewn and hand finished following traditional British bespoke coatmaking techniques. All the canvases, paddings and stiffeners are hand sewn. Our signature shoulder pads are hand crafted from loose cotton bale and are attached outside of the lining. All materials we use are 100% natural, even the threads are pure silk. Our fabric buttons are hand crocheted in designs based on my logo.


4. What piece(s), either from your families couture atelier or from fashion history, have awed and inspired you throughout your work?

The iconic Chanel jacket has continued to awe me every season. The Napoleonic and Regency era is also very inspiring.

5. What was the best piece of advice he has received relating to either his work or his life?

Personal motto My design motto is Creatively Conservative, Commonsensibly Chic. My grandmother’s motto is Me Mea Spes Omnis, I think it translates as ‘My hope is in myself’ and I like it very much

6. Who are some of this muses?

At the moment, the Gibson Girl.

7. What are some essential fashion pieces for a woman?

Cashmere overcoats, tweed suits, silk camisoles, silk blouses and twinsets.


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