True Cost: The Documentary Funded!


The True Cost Documentary has been funded!

I met the director Andrew Morgan on his first tour around New York City over the summer as he was filming the preliminary round of interviews. It was extremely refreshing to interact with someone who is dedicated to supporting a vision of change a highlight, well, the True Cost.

“The film will feature interviews with top industry leaders from the international clothing industry, illuminating this complex dilemma. In addition to these professionals, the audience will get to see the human side of the issue as we take cameras around the world to capture the lives of the people affected by these issues every day. More than just underscoring the problem, this is an effort to highlight real solutions that we can all take part in. The road we are on is not sustainable, but there is an opportunity here; a defining moment in history for us to set a new precedent for the future we will create.”


In NYC with Chrissie Lam of The Supply Change


London with Livia Firth of Eco Age


In NYC with Bob Bland of Manufacture New York

1380249_527035910705165_855413436_n London with Lucy Siegle of The Guardian

“Our desire is to take this topic out of the smaller, individual conversations of industry, human rights or consumer behavior. We will approach the issue by taking a holistic view: that one solution to the problem is not the answer. Real change can only be sustained through the creation of a synergistic approach, one that involves the adaptation of policy, the improvement of industry standards and a shift in consumer consciousness. Our hope is to bring a new understanding to the problem and the role that we all play in solving it. We realize the difficulty of approaching such a hot topic; but feel the best way to explore something is by actually showing and experiencing it first hand. ”

Now that the film has been funded, Andrew and his crew will take a second tour around the world to continue to document the true cost of fashion. Certainly keep an eye out for the release of the film!


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