How Real is the Made in USA trend?


In 2010, we fell in love with the charming Brooklyn boys, Ben Epstein and Cam Calderon of Crisp, as they journeyed their way through the concrete jungle of Manhattan to locally produce their clothing line in the short but sweet HBO TV series “How To Make It In America.” Between the serendipitous late-night dinner parties with John Varvatos and shifty manufacturing contracts to hold on to their label rights, the lovable boys overcame and, yes, ended up “making it.”

At the same time the show aired, the seeds for a domestic manufacturing resurgence was sprouting, not just in TV scripts, but in reality — with about 50,000 manufacturing jobs brought back to America in 2010 according to the Reshoring Initiative.

But then what?

Read my full investigation on the current state of US Manufacturing on Brooklyn Design + Fashion Accelerator

image: Joseph Younis

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