Durated: Inter-Connected Future of Retail


What if you could trace a product from start to finish right from your phone? I mean, experience firsthand the time and talent that went in to making that product — see where it had been, who used it before, all the hands that touch it, and then some — like a folklore of modern times?

Imagine if a guitar was able to tell you where and how it was made, where its wood was sourced and the inspiration behind its design. Imagine if that guitar were to be later resold, and could tell its next owner the tale of its life so far; how it has travelled and the music it had played.

Berlin-based, Joel Arvidsson, Olof Werngren, Joakim Lundeborg and Fredrik Ivarsson, have built an unbelievably sleek + efficient way to do so, by developing a system that will revolutionize the way we think and act with everyday items. Meet Durated.

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The visionary company, Durated, is championing the next generation of retail and taking on an immense (and dare I say, noble) challenge to lift the supply chain vail. Their sleek online ecosystem is one where both companies who make, and consumers who use, can volunteer product information into a virtual storybook.

By individually tagging each item with a “Durated Identity” (DI), product tracking through the system is made easy. Around the world, stories can be shared; companies can showcase how their products are made, and consumers can upload their personal experiences and photos with products. We even have the ability to resell items via Durated.


“The idea behind telling the stories about a product’s background and manufacturing is to provide the customer with a deeper connection to, and understanding of, the garment.” says co-founder, Joakim Lundeborg, “As an example, our inspiration comes from the stories a genuine tailor can tell you about the fabrics they use, and why the seams are made just so. This creates an affection for the garment that will hopefully give the customer a greater need to nurture it.”

Partnering with brands founded in high design, craft and production values, Durated will spotlight mens apparel, womens apparel, musical instruments, accessories, bags, and home.

“Sustainability for us is when you take into account all aspects of a product’s life. It’s not enough to just look at the manufacturing process of a product if it is simply thrown away after a short period of ownership, “says Joakim. “We need to ensure products are nurtured and taken care of for a long time to come.” Durated_5 We once lacked tangible consequences (other than the money we spend) to buy investment pieces. Even companies themselves weren’t encouraged to make long-lasting products because it was easier to throw something away than care for it. But now a community exists to nurture better made products and the stories they tell.

Whether it is a jacket, or a bicycle — the backstory builds character to shift our perception of what a great product is. Given access to these deeper connections we raise the curtain.

“We want to shed light on the impact of retail by showing the bigger picture,” says Joakim. “We want to craft great knowledge and understanding for a better and more rewarding future for us all.”

Connection is at the heart of conscious consumerism, and Durated is that connection to foster the extension of a product’s life, better designed products, and greater awareness.

Durated will launch in Europe Summer of 2014, and in the USA winter of 2014.

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