‘The demise of production in America is killing our dreams’: But they won’t stop now

From producing 250,000 jeans a week in the late eighties to 500 jeans a week, co-founder of Imogene + Willie Carrie Eddmenson, watched the peak and crumble of her families denim business fall into a distant memory. Now Carrie and her husband Matt, are passionately embarking on a mission to bring manufacturing back to America–and they are doing a damn good job. Watch their TEDx video for the full [tear-jerking] account of their mission.

So if we can pull it off, which we think we can, then Matt and I literally will have come full circle. We grew up in a thriving manufacturing business, and we slowly but surely, watch it go off shore. And then we, very painfully, watched my parents turn off the last lights. Then we started all over, and we are trying it again.


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