5 Natural Deodorants That Actually Work


There have been so many times over the years I’ve stock my beauty cabinets with natural deodorants, only to cheat in despair with bodega conventional brands. The valiant efforts to live aluminum-free under the arms kept disappointing in performance. I’ve had natural deodorant almost (!) ruin a favorite silk dress and provide nose-squishing stares in ballet class.

Hints of public humility aside, I was still determined to find natural deodorants that actually work, because clogging up my skin to smell fresh seemed like a disastrous catch 22 I wasn’t willing to be submissive to.

Let my research be your bridge, here are five natural deodorants that actually work (yes, really) to keep b.o. at bay and leave you truly carefree and fresh. You and your workout team can thank me later. xo

1. malin + goetz | eucalyptus deodorant *†

Awarded “Best New Grooming Product” by Wallpaper Magazine, malin + goetz is a mainstream favorite for no skin irritations and long-lasting performance. Both alcohol and aluminum-free, its formulated with tons of refreshing eucalyptus extract and odor-neutralizing citronellyl.

2. Osmia | Deodorant Cream *†

Absorptive powders — organic tapioca starch, baking soda, and fuller’s earth clay — control moisture and unwanted odor without blocking sweat glands. The soothing organic oils of shea, jojoba, and tamanu calm irritated underarm skin. And, a potent blend of essential oils controls the bacteria responsible for causing odor. The only down side with the Osmia deodorant is it’s a cream — so you have to apply it with your hand.

3. Le Couvent des Minimes | Everyday Deodorant *†

Known for keeping you both fresh and dry, this Everyday Deodorant matches up to conventional deodorants big time. The blend neutralizes unwanted body odors without constricting skin breathing. And also purifies and cleanses the skin — leaving a fresh and pleasant scent.

4. Logona | Deodorant Spray for men and women

Made with organic aloe vera, Logona’s deodorant spray keeps you fresh and is available in male and female blends.

5. Bendetta | The Best Deodorant

The don’t call it the Best Deodorant for nothing. 100 percent organic, Bendetta’s effective proprietary blend is highly concentrated, so there is no water or extra fillers added.


*Alcohol Free

†Aluminum Free

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