Big Beauty on a Small Budget


Women love our beauty products. In fact, we are so attached, the average american woman uses about 12 different beauty products habitually each day! We certainly don’t have to part with our routine, but we also don’t have to empty our bank accounts to create a substantially glowing beauty regiment. Below are our favorite products for the multi-tasking lady.

What is it: Thayers Alcohol-Free Toner

Why I love it: Have you underestimated the benefits of toner? Well don’t, missy! Toner cleanses your skin, removing extra tough dirt + residue that your cleanser might have missed. And using toner after you’ve washed your face prevents those wretched blackheads from forming. Thayers alcohol-free toners are your answer to a great product on a small budget. Tip: always use a moist cotton ball to apply toner to your beautiful skin.

Price Check: $9.95


What is it: Organic Coconut Oil

Why I love it: Coconut oil is a dream come true: Shaving cream (swear by it), nightly moisturizer, hair mask, eye makeup remover, chap stick, or add a little sugar for a moisturizing body scrub. It’s a true miracle worker in all season + climates. Never packed with harsh chemicals, additives or any other gross toxin you’d want in your body, coconut oil is for those of us who love a good all-in-one pampering treatment. Right now I’ve got Spectrum’s organic unrefined coconut oil in my cabinet, but any brand, as long as it is organic, will get you started on a great beauty regiment.

Price Check: $11.99


What is it: Pure Baking Soda

Why I love it: Again with the multi-use products — baking soda is a must have for a budgeted beauty routine (but keep this one out of your fridge and in your beauty cabinet). For starters, baking soda is great for whitening your teeth. Once a week I sprinkle a dash onto my toothbrush and brush for two minutes, et voila! Forget those store bought teeth-whiteners, this works like a charm. Plus, (again with the blackhead prevention) every morning gently exfoliate your face with a little baking soda and some water.

Price Check: $10.69


Face cleansing, moisturizer, hair mask, shaving cream, eye makeup remover, body scrub, teeth whitening all for $32.63. Shop smarter, by pass clutter and spend your money on experience rather than over priced products you don’t really need. Live Simply//Live Well.

image: Juliette Donatelli

Do you have a favorite beauty budget tip?

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